The chauffeurs who are designated to this service are handpicked from ACT LIMO’s elite corporate fleet, and trained to provide a level of expertise in keeping with the product specification essentially ‘the chauffeur is a butler on wheels’.

It is at this level that the chauffeur becomes a confidant, personal assistant to his client. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that all regular guests’ likes, dislike’s and personal preferences are entered into a ‘passenger profile’ so as to ensure that the appropriate chauffeur is allocated the corresponding hiring - this information is totally confidential.

On occasions, there will be a requirement for the chauffeur extend his time with the client, i.e. “as directed”, especially when your guest or staffer is travelling in an unfamiliar city. Our chauffeurs are fully trained in all the protocols required when this situation occurs.

The correct visual appearance of the chauffeur is another essential component in maintaining the high standards, so important at this level